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Recycled Waffle Cardigan

Recycled Waffle Cardigan

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Our notes

Made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester

Ethically produced in small batches in a small family owned factory in Tuscany Italy

Luxury sustainable Italian vegan knitwear

    Ethics & Sustainability

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    You can return it free of charge for 365 days with our paperless carbon-neutral returns service

    Use our return to recycle service when this product's at its end of life

    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Italy

    Read more about our Ethics & Sustainability

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Lianka V.

    It's a great item, my partner whose Xmas present it was loves it.

    Daniel B.
    This year's top piece

    Welcome to an item that will keep you snug in Autumn and Winter but fresh in Spring and Summer. This cardigan oozes quality and warmth and through use of the buttons provided rather than the zip it is efficiently and quickly breathable. I have noted from previous reviews that it was purported to not be durable, however I have not found this to be the case at all. Whichever way it is worn comfort is guaranteed and compliments invariably received.

    The fact that it is offered by a company which will deliver it to you in a carbon neutral manner, without any toxic plastic packaging and will even produce it from recycled materials only adds to the appeal.

    I cannot recommend this item highly enough.

    Nice but not very durable

    Less than 2 years in and only very rarely worn, there are already signs of wear. I have a similar zipped cardigan made from 100% cotton (not receycled). It is much older and is worn many, many times more frequently, yet it's in better condition. So it would seem better to buy a new cotton item once than to repeatedly buy recycled cotton items that wear out far quicker. Having said all that, I do like the design (although I think I'd prefer it with just the poppers rather than with the zip and poppers).

    Paul S.

    Love the light feel, styling, and of course the ethics