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WVSport Oakes Cross Running Trainers


Developed for three times world record holder Fiona Oakes.

Built to take the most extreme running environments experienced by Fiona from the Sahara Desert to the North Pole. The Oakes Cross Running trainers were made for rugged trail running. The Vibram rubber injection outsoles provide super grippy traction and durability. The ballistic welded uppers created with Lyliane 3DMX advanced abrasion resistant materials can take the punishment of trail running.

Carbon neutral, vegan and ethically made.

10% of proceeds support Fiona's Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.


Advanced ballistic welded abrasion resistant, water resistant and breathable uppers created with Lyliane 3DMX materials

Vibram rubber injection outsoles for super grippy traction and durability

32x 5mm deep outsole lugs allowing for traction on all terrain

Speed lace construction system for fast and snug lacing with a storage pouch on the tounge Runner type: Neutral gait 10mm drop differential D width fitting

Removable EVA insoles for support forefoot and midfoot

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    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Italy

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Coole Schuhe

    Die Schuhe passen mir sehr gut, keine Blasen oder Druckstellen. Wasserabweisend sind sie auch, so wie beschrieben. Hatte Sie schon ein paar mal im Einsatz und sie sehen echt gut aus. :)

    Lin Bolton
    Love the left but not the right

    Love these trainers but have an issue with the right foot. Left one is most comfortable running shoe I’ve ever had but the right one gives me a pressure sore under the ball of my foot - strange!

    Karin Nierop
    Great running shoes

    Good fit, nice and sturdy. Great for running. I have used them for about 2 months now (3 times a week).

    Harold Erbin
    Outsole is really bad quality

    I received these shoes at the beginning of May. At the beginning of September, the outsoles were already almost completely worn out. I am quite surprised because I thought that Vibram is supposed to be a very resistant, durable, and good-quality materials. But here in only 4 months of use the outsole became flat in various places and even got holes (see pictures).

    They were my main shoes between May and August, but it's not like I was wearing them every day, since I was working from home and did not do sport (the most intensive use has been one week of mild hiking and one week walking in cities during the holidays). Before, I used to wear leather shoes, which in general last me two years (with outsole repaired every 8-12 months), knowing that before the pandemic I was not working from home and used to walk really a lot. My previous hiking shoes lasted for maybe 5 years, without any repair. I also used to wear them frequently when going to work or walking around during the day, alternating with my other shoes. So given the past longevity so my shoes, I am really surprised of how the WVSport shoes look after only 4 months of mild use.

    I got offered a replacement for free, but it lasted barely longer. Given the price, I would definitely not order them again, despite the fact that they are really comfortable and convenient to use.

    they run very small

    I think they could be quite comfortable, but they run very small: Even when I went up a size from the size that has worked for me at WVS in the past and that I usually where elsewhere too, they were too small for me (rubbing on the outside of the toes, I noticed too late to return them).
    I think the cushioning might not be as good as with other running shoes I've bought (but I've only tried them once for that).
    They look good and are comfortable enough to wear for everyday use.