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NY Sneakers

NY Sneakers

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Our notes

We've not changed our NY Sneakers much since they first launched in 2015.

Like most models in our permanent collection, we've just made tweaks and adjustments along the way to make them the best vegan sneakers we know how.

The newest update we've made is to the uppers. In the latest batch, they're made with our new matt finish Italian vegan leather made with 69% biobased content. 

We love this new finish. We think it gives a more luxe feel & look. Actually, we're using it in all new batches of our white sneakers & trainers.

Another thing is the tan rubber outsoles on the bottom now have recycled content. You'll see this in the flecks of material contained within them.

Apart from that, nothing has changed. Same side-wall stitching on the outsoles. 

Same stitching details throughout the uppers. Same deep squishy recycled insoles. Same comfy fit. Same attention to detail you can expect from WVS, from the metal lace tips to the super-strong laces made from recycled polyester.

After all, what's there to change when you have such a classic silhouette?

  • Matt finish Italian vegan leather made with 69% biobased content.
  • Flexible, grippy and durable sidewall stitched rubber outsoles with recycled content. You'll see this in the flecks of material contained within them.
  • Deep and squishy recycled insoles.
  • There are two types of vegan suede lining the inside. This helps air circulate helping to keep your feet cool and providing another layer of comfort for your feet.
  • Strong laces made with recycled polyester with recycled lace tips.



    Ethics & Sustainability

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    You can return it free of charge for 365 days with our paperless carbon-neutral returns service

    Use our return to recycle service when this product's at its end of life

    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Portugal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Deepak N.

    They look nice. I thought it would be easier or more comfy to walk in, but its not that comfy for me to walk long in it. Maybe I need to wear it more for it to stretch a bit. Idk.

    Leslie S.
    Look great but...

    I deliberately bought these sneakers from WVShoes because I have business shoes from WVS, which absolutely meet my quality standards. I was very disappointed with white vegan sneakers from other brands because black cracks were visible very quickly, unfortunately also with these, despite optimal care. 4 weeks for the first signs of senility is neither acceptable nor nice, so unfortunately I cannot recommend these shoes.

    Well made, but high-volume trainers

    These trainers look great and feel high-quality. They are wide enough in the toe box for my wide feet, but they have a large amount of volume inside, so much so that the lace holes touch when I tighten the lacing. I also have WVSport walking trainers (same size) and the volume is perfect. This doesn't look great, but doesn't compromise the comfort. Overall, a very good trainer.

    Love these shoes!

    I had previously bought WVS boots and loved them, so I decided to try one of my fav styles of shoes next. And these are wonderful! Very comfortable and sturdy after 60 days. My boots have lasted forever so I'm hoping these do the same!

    Martin R.
    My favourite sneakers

    Got them a second time after the first pair is very close to falling apart after years of heavy use. I find them very comfy and love the minimalistic design. They are almost too pretty to be worn outside though!