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Goodyear Welt Rig Boots

Goodyear Welt Rig Boots

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Our notes

Our popular Rig Boots are now available in this Goodyear Welt construction version so you can easily replace the outsoles at a cobblers.

Our Goodyear Welt Rig Boots silhouette is iconic, with its moc toe stitching forming a distinct ‘U’ shape.

The substantial yet supple Italian vegan leather made with 69% bio-based content moulds to your feet over time, creating a customised fit. The thick recycled polyester laces are sturdy and classic, ensuring your boots stay snugly on your feet. The cushioned insoles and vegan suede lining provide comfort, even after a long day on your feet.

Built to last years, they will keep carrying on and on with the replaceable Goodyear Welt solid Vibram outsoles. A pair of Goodyear Welted boots can take up to eight weeks to make, using up to 75 boot parts and over 200 different operations to create. The origins of this method go back over three hundred years. The method is generally regarded throughout the worldwide boot-making industry as the best way to make superior boots. As you wear these boots, their fit and comfort will just get better as their components mould to your foot's shape.

Perfectly straddling the line between rugged and refined, our Rig Boots are versatile enough for various occasions. Dress them with chinos for a business casual look, or pair them with jeans for a classic, work-ready ensemble.

  • Made with Italian vegan leather made with 69% bio-based content.
  • Squishy deep insoles with recycled content.
  • Goodyear Welt construction, easily replace the outsoles at a cobbler.
  • Cream colour solid TR Goodyear Welt Vibram outsoles.
  • Long and strong recycled polyester laces.
  • Fully lined with two types of tan vegan suede for comfort, air circulation and breathability.
  • 3cm / 1 1/2 inch heel height, 2cm / 0.8 inches at the front.

      Ethics & Sustainability

      This product is certified carbon-neutral

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      Always and forever vegan

      Made in Portugal

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Richard J.
      Look great but…

      I am a massive fan of WVS particularly their low and high rig boots and have about five pairs in various colours & sizes so when WVS stopped doing my favourite high rise chestnut boots I was looking for an alternative. I saw these, much more expensive but with Goodyear welt soles. First the sizing is off, all of my WVS footwear is sized 8UK/42, these are massive by comparison and so you have to tighten the laces up really tight. They unfortunately quickly frayed and eventually snapped. I replaced them with Redwing ones (the boots are very similar). Not an issue, very strong. WVS even refunded me the costs, which was a nice gesture. However the shoes squeak, they make a hell of a racket however much you loosen the laces or tighten them up, it drives me a bit crazy, not something I had with any of the other WVS boots. Am holding out for a size 7 when they may be back in stock as these rub my feet and make that irritating squeaking noise. Ultimately pretty disappointed as they look great.

      Daniel H.
      Squeaky but nice

      The boots are nice but squeaky I thought it would stop but it hasn’t 😐

      These are amazing boots.

      These boots are fantastic. Stylish, comfortable, and no dead animals.
      They are also really light, probably half the weight of a leather Moc Toe boot, also they are about half the price. They look great with jeans or combats. The laces they come with are good as well.