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The Berry Company Açai Berry Drink 1l

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Product Details

Berried inside...


Indigenous to Brazil, the acai berry comes from the acai palm tree. They are reddish-purple in colour. Their taste is described as a cross between a blackberry, a raspberry and a rich dark chocolate.


Also called the chokeberry, the aronia berry is often found in swamps and wet woods. Ours grow on pretty shrubs native to North America. They are deliciously tart and juicy.

Yerba Mate

This botanical ingredient comes from a small tree native to the subtropical highlands in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. We've added just a pinch for a little boost and functionality.


Ruby red in colour, our raspberries are small, soft and grow on wild bushes. They are sweet, plump and delicately fragrant to create a full bodied, complex taste.


Botanically a berry, the grape belongs in our family. Grown on woody vines and loved throughout the world, when ripened they are deliciously sweet, soft and juicy. They have been added to our blend to add full bodied exoticism.

...and nothing else

About the brand

Khaled El Yafi founded The Berry Company in 2007 after being inspired by the publicity surrounding superfoods and their nutritious benefits.

Our Blueberry juice blend was our first product which was rich in Vitamin C and K, leading us to win the ‘Best New Brand’ at the 2007 Beverage Innovation awards.

Our delicious juice blends are made from natural ingredients, without added sugar or any added sweeteners.

We continue to pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most exotic ingredients and botanicals from around the world that deliver light and balanced flavours, full of taste and goodness.


Per 100ml Energy 136 kj 32 kcal Fat 0.2g of which saturates 0.1g Carbohydrates 7.2g of which sugars 7.2g Protein 0.2g
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