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Percol Fairtrade Plastic Free Ground Coffee 10 bags

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Product Details

A plastic-free pack of coffee bags, enjoy a cup of proper ground coffee without the fuss! These bags are packed in plant-based home compostable packaging and the ground beans are Fairtrade.

  • Plastic free
  • 100% Fairtrade
  • Freshly roasted in the UK
  • Picked by hand
  • Fully home compostable packaging
  • Coffee is strength 3 

Smooth Colombian Arabica bean coffee packed in mini bags. Ten bags in every pack of handpicked beans which are Fairtrade. The coffee is strength 3 and has a bright and warm taste with nutty notes to give the day an extra kick of flavour.

Every bag is made to be as eco-friendly as possible so the packaging is made from plant-based materials which is home composted after use.

Directions: Add freshly boiled water to the coffee bag and stir. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes, squeeze and remove. Compost after use. 

About the brand

At Percol, we care about where our coffee comes from. That’s why we support the Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association, and now have twice as many organic products in our range. Our beans are hand-picked at source and freshly roasted in the UK. When you care, you do it properly.

We’ve been ethical innovators since day one. Now we’re leading the way again, as the UK’s first coffee company to go plastic-free. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also Carbon-neutral certified, so we’re not causing a negative impact on our planet. This is crafting coffee with a conscience.

Coffee is the heart and soul of our farming communities. We were the first ground coffee to bear the Fairtrade mark. Now, our entire roast & ground range is Fairtrade certified, meaning we’re continually supporting the next generation of coffee growers. For us, it’s about putting people and planet before profits.

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