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Sharpham Park Organic Spelt Millers Museli 450g

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Product Details

Spelt’s distinctive nutty, almost malty sweetness makes our Date & Coconut Spelt Muesli unbelievably moreish.

It’s a delicious mix of toasted spelt flakes, barley and oats, naturally sweetened with chopped dates and sultanas and finished off with a crunchingly good mix of coconut chips, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

About the brand

Sharpham Park has led the way in the UK as the champion of British spelt since it was started in 2005 by Mulberry founder Roger Raul.

Sharpham Park produces a range of flours, cereals, mueslis and grains from its 300 acre estate on the Somerset levels.

Sharpham spelt is organic and stone ground in the traditional way to preserve the delicious, nutty taste of this ancient grain.

Sharpham Park is a 300 acre historic park near Glastonbury on the edge of the Somerset Levels, dating back to the Bronze Age.

Our passion is to produce responsibly farmed, healthy, natural food traceable from field to fork.

We employ a system of organic crop rotation to replenish the soil without the need for pesticides and fertilisers.

Our spelt fields have 4 metre margins and the hedgerows are cut every other year to allow wildlife such as hare, lapwing, dormice, bees and ladybirds to shelter and forage for food all year round.

We have our own dedicated organic spelt mill which was opened in June 2007 by Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex.

Our Millers stone grind the grain to make flour the traditional way, leaving the husk (hard outer layer) of the grain on right up until the start of the milling process.

This keeps vital nutrients locked in and maintains the freshness of the grain which contributes to its delicious flavour.

Stone grinding protects the grain's natural germ oils as opposed to flour that has been produced by the modern method using steel rollers which grind the grain several times.

We do not add additives or preservatives to our flour. We also produce Pearled Spelt at our Mill.

The grain is pearled by bouncing it over five rotating stones to take off the outer level of bran so it can absorb water and flavour during cooking.


Jumbo Oats 22%, Toasted Spelt Flakes 20%, Barley Flakes 15%, Chopped dates 14%, Sunflower Seeds 8%, Brown Linseeds 7%, Sultanas 7%, Toasted Coconut Chips 5%, Pumpkin Seeds 2%.


Per 100g Energy (KJ) 1699 Energy (kcal) 405 Fat (g) 13 Of which saturates (g) 3.9 Carbohydrates (g) 54 Of which sugars (g) 16 Protein (g) 12 Salt (g) 0.02
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