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Oggs Lermon cake 386g

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About the brand

Winning the right way…

Every choice we make, from the clothes we buy to the food we eat, has an impact on the world.

We are working to ensure that every part of our supply chain is as ethical as possible, positively impacting the planet, animals and people.

Energy Use

Our dream is that we’ll soon be rocking out from 100% renewable sources.


We've chosen our packaging with the planet in mind, which is why it is made from either 100% recycled plant based or sustainable sourced materials.


All our packaging is recyclable or compostable and even if our special recycled plastic ends up in landfill it will completely biodegrade.

Food Waste

All our products are cruelty free and we have a 0 food waste target by 2021.

Ethical Sourcing

We have a zero tolerance for modern slavery1 and human trafficking and we’re working with our trusted suppliers to make sure our supply chain is as squeaky clean as possible.

Local Manufacturing

We use local suppliers in the UK to make our cakes.

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