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Granovita Nut Luncheon 420g

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Product Details

Granovita Nut Luncheon is a meat-free loaf made from peanuts.

It can be served cold with salad or grilled until piping hot.

It can be grilled, fried, roasted or consumed cold.

About the brand

GranoVita is a leading supplier of healthy, nutritious, organic, free from, vegetarian and vegan food products. granoVita was founded in 1929 and ever since has been dedicated to providing customers with strong traditional knowledge in the power of plants, creating delicious recipes focusing on food with added health value.

We aim to provide products made with trusted ancient ingredients with our traditional roots knowledge and we use our knowledge to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

We are constantly striving within the market for improved ways to enhance customer experience by keeping to our roots and using ancient ingredients to make new health benefitting food products for the modern market.

To help broaden this aim, we have re-branded our image, giving a fresh new look, promoting our traditional roots and giving our packaging the expertise granoVita seal of approval.

With our enthusiastic team who are passionate about promoting our products and the ingredients that go into them, more importantly the ingredients that don’t.


Water, peanuts (49.1%), sea salt.


Per 100g Energy (KJ) 404kj Energy (kcal) 96kcal Fat (g) 25.0g of which saturates (g) 4.2g Carbohydrate (g) 9.0g of which sugars (g) 4.6g Protein (g) 14.0g Salt (g) 0.5g Fat (g) of which saturates (g) Carbohydrate (g) of which sugars (g)
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