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Look O Look Edible Paper 14pcs 25g

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Product Details

Paper which is not just for writing but also for eating!

You can eat Look-O-Look's candy paper in several ways.

You can eat it and/or decorate your tongue with tongue tattoos. But our edible paper is also often used to bake biscuits, cupcakes and pies.

Cut letters and shapes from edible paper to decorate your cake.

The Look-O-Look candy paper is vegan and contains no added sugars.

About the brand

For 50 years, Look-O-Look has been sharpening your senses!

Look-O-Look has been in business for 50 years and is an indispensable part of the confectionery shelf. At Look-O-Look, you can return to your childhood and step into a world full of fun and wonder.

Back in 2015, the first Look-O-Look products were awarded the V label, the international trademark for vegetarian and vegan products. Now, more than half of the Look-O-Look hanging bags and family bags have the V label.


WHEAT flour, starch, flavourings, concentrate (beetroot), sweetener (sucralose), colour (brilliant blue FCF).


Per 100g Energy 1520 kJ/ 358 kcal Fat 1,1 g Of which saturates 0,5 g Carbohydrate 78 g Of which sugars 2,0 g Protein 9,0 g
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