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Fentimans Ginger Beer 750ml X 3

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Product Details

A traditional brewed Ginger Beer with a complex taste. Made using the finest natural ginger root. 

Fentimans Ginger Beer is botanically brewed using the same traditional techniques as Thomas Fentiman back in 1905. We ferment the finest Chinese ginger root for a drink that is fiery and full of flavour.

The result is an authentic, complex and aromatic ginger beer.

All natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or sweeteners.

About the brand

The world has changed a lot over 100 years since Thomas Fentiman founded the business.

Over 100 years since we first started brewing botanical drinks, the business is still in the Fentimans family and is owned by the Great Grandson of Thomas Fentiman.

We also continue to make our delicious natural beverages by the multi-stage botanical brewing technique resulting in exquisite flavour in every Fentimans bottle.


Botanically Brewed isn’t a trendy label we use for marketing; it’s the technique of making premium quality drinks, that has been handed from generation to generation of the Fentimans family.

In fact, it’s Botanical Brewing that sets us apart from other carbonated drinks. It’s our point of difference that underpins the Fentimans brand promise and delivers unsurpassed quality: characterised by a rich depth of flavour, silky mouthfeel and luxurious body.

The indulgent and distinctive flavour experience starts with scouring the globe for the finest natural ingredients.

Crafting a perfectly balanced flavour is down to our highly experienced flavour team. The team are charged with creating the depth of taste, mouthfeel and texture people expect from a Fentimans drink. To ensure quality and traceability, we take ownership of the drink making process from start to finish, with the simple ethos;


Once the natural botanicals have been sourced and prepared, the multi-stage botanical brewing process begins…

We start by infusing botanical ingredients in simmering water, to extract the natural flavours. The extraction of flavour takes time, and cannot be rushed. It’s the same with obtaining flavour from an array of botanical ingredients; the flavour creation process results in a concentrated and balanced botanical liquid, which is then ready to be fermented.


he metabolic process of fermentation, using live yeast, is the start of the magic; the dark art; the alchemy; that sits at the heart of a Fentimans drink.

Fermentation takes place for 7 days in classic open square fermentation vessels; allowing rich and complex flavours to slowly develop as the yeast, sugar and natural pear juice come to life. It’s during fermentation that a myriad of flavour compounds are created; which contribute to the overall depth, complexity and flavour of the finished liquid.


To complement and enhance the fermented botanical liquid, natural flavours and essential oils are extracted inhouse from expertly sourced ingredients; then mixed with the fermented botanical liquid. This results in the indulgent, distinctive and complex flavours.

Water and natural beet sugar are added before carbonation adds sparkle to the liquid.

Pasteurisation not only extends the life of our drinks; the heating process also plays a role in melding together the array of essential oils, botanical extracts and flavours.

The result is a rounded, smooth and balanced taste experience.


Carbonated Water, Fermented Ginger Root Extract (Water, Glucose Syrup, Ginger Root, Pear Juice Concentrate, Yeast), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavourings (Ginger, Lemon, Capsicum), Cream of Tartar, Citric Acid, Herbal Infusions (Speedwell, Juniper, Yarrow)


Per 100ml Energy (KJ) 166 Energy (kcal) 39 Fat (g) 0 Of which saturates (g) 0 Carbohydrates (g) 9 Of which sugars (g) 7.8 Protein (g) 0 Salt (g) <0.01
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